ZRC4B High Air Pressure without Footvalve DTH Hammers

ZRC4B Techinical Specifications
Length w/o bitWeight w/o bitDiameterThread
8043199API 2 3/8" REG
Work pressureImpact FrequencyAir consumptionRec. hole size
1.0-2.532 at 1.7MPa6~12110~135
ZRC4B DTH hammer features
1.Drill bit without footvalve, and thus avoid the trouble caused by footvalve crack, broken, thermal expansion and contraction etc.
2.Low impact power consumption, fast impact frequency, 15%-20% faster in penetration speed than same model with footvalve type;
3.Low air consumption, energy saving, saving more than 20% oil than same model with footvalve type;
4.Simple structure, easy maintance; highly matched parts, more realiable, low faliure rate; low disamble rate, long service life, low operating cost, very steady in performance.
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